5 Ways vTOX® DNA-Verified Urine Testing Can Help Your Treatment Center

Are you, your staff, and  your clients fed up with viewed urine collection? Fortunately, there’s a solution: vTOX®, Valley Medical Laboratory’s unique DNA-verified urine drug testing. vTOX® eliminates the need for viewed urine collection and provides several important benefits for your facility.

What is vTOX®?

vTOX® from Valley Medical Laboratory is a revolutionary new urine drug test that uses DNA fingerprinting to validate urine samples and totally eliminate viewed urine collection. All that’s required is a one-time cheek swab and all future urine samples are genetically matched with your client’s stored DNA information. Your clients get more privacy and you get complete assurance as to sample validity.
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How Does vTOX® Benefit Your Facility?

vTOX® revolutionizes toxicology testing for treatment centers. When you choose Valley Medical Laboratory for your urine drug testing, your facility will realize five important benefits.

1. No more viewed urine collection

vTOX® uses DNA fingerprinting to verify urine samples so viewed urine collection is no longer necessary. That helps patients protect their privacy, eliminates "shy bladder" issues, and relieves the burden on your staff.

2. Reduced risk of urine tampering

DNA verification makes it difficult if not impossible for a client to substitute someone else's urine or synthetic urine for their own. Your clients stay honest and you know their test results are accurate.

3. LGBTQIA-friendly

Traditional viewed urine collection can be embarrassing and demeaning for LGBTQIA and gender-fluid individuals. By eliminating viewed urine collection, vTOX® is the most LGBTQIA-friendly form of urine drug testing available today. Facilities that treat addiction in the LGTBQIA community should consider switching to vTOX urine drug testing to better serve the special needs of their clients.

4. More productive staff

Because your staff no longer have to view your clients' urine collection they get to spend more time on more important tasks. vTOX® speeds up the collection process and improves treatment center compliance.

5. Happier clients

No one likes to be watched when they urinate. Your clients are happier because this necessary activity can now be done in private, in their own time.

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    How Does vTOX® Work?

    At the client's first drug test, a phlebotomist uses a buccal swab to collect a sampling of cells from inside the client's cheek. The swab is transferred to our laboratory, where a laboratory technician extracts DNA samples. The DNA is then analyzed for the presence of specific genetic markers. This data is then entered into our system, where it is matched against the genetic markers found in that patient's future urine samples. If the markers match, the urine sample is genuine and verified.
    vTOX process step by step

    Is vTOX® Right for Your Treatment Center?

    Treatment centers across the state of Minnesota are turning to Valley Medical Laboratory and vTOX® for their urine drug testing needs. Our testing is fast, accurate, and easy to order, thanks to our unique Partner Portal that puts all orders and test results online. If you want to make toxicology testing easier and less stressful for your staff and clients, talk to us at Valley Medical. We'll take care of your testing needs so you can focus on your clients—with no more viewed urine collection!

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