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You focus on your clients, we'll handle your toxicology testing needs

You want a single partner for your addiction treatment center's medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and urine drug testing (UDT) needs. You want that partner to work with your systems and processes and not force you to do things their way.

Valley Medical Laboratory is the partner you've been looking for. We'll work hand-in-hand with you to provide your clients with fast and convenient UDT and in-house telemedicine MAT services—so you can focus on your clients' treatment.
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Just say NO to viewed urine collection!

Our vTOX® DNA-verified urine drug testing eliminates the need for viewed urine collection. All that's required is a one-time cheek swab and all future urine samples are genetically matched with your client's stored DNA information. Your clients get more privacy and you get complete assurance as to sample validity.

Urine drug testing for
trauma-informed care

By eliminating viewed urine collection, vTOX® helps treatment centers and providers support trauma-informed care. vTOX® enhances the patient’s physical and psychological safety by making the collection area a safe space free from the presence of others. It also provides gender-responsive service by removing unwelcome or inappropriate individuals from the viewed collection process.

Urine drug testing for
telehealth addiction treatment

Valley Medical's vTOX® by mail urine drug testing is the perfect solution for treatment centers offering telehealth addiction treatment. After performing a one-time cheek swab, all future urine samples are verified against the client's stored DNA information. The patient gets the convenience of in-home urine collection and you get assurance that the patient's urine samples are valid.


One provider for all your facility's needs

vTOX® DNA-verified urine drug testing completely eliminates the need for awkward viewed urine collection.
Easily follow client progress with high-level summary reports—backed up by detailed test results.

Broad insurance coverage

We accept all major health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.
Full-featured telemedicine MAT services to treat addiction to a variety of substances, including opioids, heroin, fentanyl, alcohol, and prescription painkillers.
Easy-to-use online portal for ordering tests and viewing results from your own computer.

Continuity of care

Continuing care at our clinics or via telemedicine after clients leave your facility.
Mail-in urine drug testing with prepaid shipping for clients

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Fast and accurate toxicology testing for more than 50 substances

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Testing and treatment services that work for you

We help improve client retention for addiction treatment centers by bringing all MAT services in-house. We can provide on-site urine collection and blood draws, as well as telemedicine appointments on your schedule. Dealing with a single source for both UDT and MAT services makes it easier for you.

By bringing MAT and phlebotomy services to you, you keep your clients on-premises. This removes the time and hassle of transporting clients to a different facility for testing. No outside services are necessary, and no clients ever have to leave your facility.

VALLEY MEDICAL LABORATORYYour trusted provider for UDT

Valley Medical Laboratory is part of Valley Medical and Wellness, a premier provider of addiction medicine and chronic pain treatment. Our reference lab processes hundreds of tests every week for patients and addiction treatment centers while our five clinics serve a client base of more than 1,000 patients across the state of Minnesota. We look forward to becoming a trusted partner for your facility.