Detailed toxicology reports provide the information you need

Specimen validation

Our unique vTOX® DNA fingerprinting validates each patient's sample. You'll know at a glance if the sample was genuine or if your client tried to use artificial or third-party urine.

Exhaustive test bank

By default, we test for the presence of more than 50 commonly abused substances. Substances are grouped by type for easy reading at a glance.

Green for go, red for stop

Our reporting identifies consistent (expected) results in green and inconsistent results in red. This helps you quickly identify substances that shouldn't be present—or prescribed medications that your client isn't taking.

Testing for everything and notifying of critical results

We test for all substances in our test bank as part of our epidemiological study and to report to the NFLIS-Tox database. We'll let you know if something critical is present in the client's sample so you can follow up in your own way.

Daily email summary

Every day you receive a useful email summary of your facility's most recent test results. Use this summary to determine which clients need attention and to view substance use trends. This summary includes:

• List of clients with inconsistent results
• Graph detailing percent of valid vs. invalid samples
• Graph detailing percent of consistent vs. inconsistent results
• Graph showing types and numbers of analytes detected

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