Just say NO to viewed urine collection!


Toxicology testing that is easy for you and easy for your clients

vTOX® from Valley Medical Laboratory is a revolutionary new urine drug test that uses DNA fingerprinting to validate urine samples and totally eliminate viewed urine collection. All that’s required is a one-time cheek swab and all future urine samples are genetically matched with your client’s stored DNA information.

This offers many benefits to both you and your clients, including:
No more viewed urine collection
No more "shy bladder" issues
Happier clients
Reduces staff burden
Speeds up collection process
Minimizes urine sample tampering
Improves treatment center compliance
The doctor holds a can of urine analysis in his hand. Urine sample for exam. Selective focus.

How does vTOX® DNA-verified urine drug testing work?

On the first visit, a phlebotomist uses a buccal swab to collect a sampling of cells from inside the patient's cheek. The swab is transferred to our laboratory, where a laboratory technician extracts DNA samples. The DNA is then analyzed for the presence of specific genetic markers. This data is then entered into our system, where it is matched against the genetic markers found in that patient's future urine samples. If the markers match, the urine sample is genuine and verified.

Comprehensive toxicology testing that helps you better serve your clients

At Valley Medical Laboratory we use advanced LC-MS/MS technology to identify and quantify more than 50 common drugs and metabolites. We can quickly and accurately tell if patients aren't taking medications they should or are taking drugs they shouldn't. It helps you detect potential misuse or abuse, better manage client care, and make more informed treatment decisions.

Our testing requires only a small urine sample. Samples are verified by our vTOX® DNA-based technology so clients can't use artificial urine or urine from other sources.


Test results are typically available within 36 hours of receipt in our laboratory


High sensitivity and specificity result in low numbers of false positives or negatives


Enter all lab orders and view results in our easy-to-use tox portal

Standardizing to creatinine levels means more accurate results

At Valley Medical, we standardize all test results to creatinine levels in your client's urine. Creatinine is a waste product resulting from regular muscle activity that is present in all individuals and excreted in their urine.

By correlating creatinine levels with drug levels, our testing can determine if the urine sample has been diluted. This identifies any attempt by clients to artificially dilute their samples to mask drug use.

Standardizing the patient's results for the amount of creatinine present provides a more accurate assessment of substances present in the patient's body. Most reference labs do not standardize to creatinine levels, which can potentially lead to misleading results and missed treatment opportunities.
Creatinine molecule. Structural chemical formula and molecule model on the dark blue background. Vector illustration

Fast and accurate toxicology testing for more than 50 substances


Unique partner portal makes it easy to enter orders and view test results

Working with Valley Medical Laboratory is as easy as clicking a mouse. All of our treatment center partners have access to our easy-to-use toxicology portal. Use this portal from any Internet-connected computer to manage client information, enter and approve lab orders, and view test results.

Comprehensive reporting helps you provide the right treatment

When test results are ready, you receive an easy-to-read summary email that provides key information at a glance. You can then access a comprehensive toxicology report that

• Confirms DNA validation
• Provides detailed test results for more than 50 different analytes
• Identifies inconsistent results

It's everything you need to provide the right treatment for your clients.

Urine drug testing for
trauma-informed care

By eliminating viewed urine collection, vTOX® helps treatment centers and providers support trauma-informed care. vTOX® enhances the patient’s physical and psychological safety by making the collection area a safe space free from the presence of others. It also provides gender-responsive service by removing unwelcome or inappropriate individuals from the viewed collection process.

Urine drug testing for
telehealth addiction treatment

Valley Medical's vTOX® by mail urine drug testing is the perfect solution for treatment centers offering telehealth addiction treatment. After performing a one-time cheek swab, all future urine samples are verified against the client's stored DNA information. The patient gets the convenience of in-home urine collection and you get assurance that the patient's urine samples are valid.

Urine drug testing that is

Like all clients undergoing treatment for substance abuse disorder, LGBTQ individuals must participate in periodic urine drug testing. Traditional viewed urine collection can be embarrassing and demeaning for LGBTQ and gender-fluid individuals. By eliminating viewed urine collection, vTOX® is the most LGBTQ-friendly form of urine drug testing available today. Facilities that treat addiction in the LGTBQ community should consider switching to vTOX urine drug testing to better serve the special needs of their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information does vTOX® genetic testing capture?

Valley Medical’s vTOX® DNA verification testing captures the size and presence of twelve specific genomic features referred to as short tandem repeats (STR). Due to inheritance and random events during replication, every individual has a unique size and frequency of these STRs. The test also measures the length of the Amelogenin gene, which is different between males and females.

Does vTOX® DNA verification detect patients who submit fake urine or who mix their urine samples with others?

Yes, the samples from patients who submit fake urine will either have no human DNA present or have non-matching DNA. If patients try to mix their sample with others, our test will detect an impossible number of alleles and the result will fail.

Does this DNA verification capture genetic risk factors or clinically relevant results?

This test specifically and exclusively measures short tandem repeat (STR) regions that do not contain any relevant genetic risk factors or clinically relevant results. The results of this test can only be used for the matching of human samples.

Do you store actual DNA?

No, the DNA samples we collect are safely disposed of after the initial analysis. We store only select DNA data, not the genetic material itself.

How are the genetic results used?

The genetic results of this test are compared to the patient’s reference sample profile. This validates the patient’s sex type as well as the twelve standard U.S. Core Loci to ensure sample identification.

What are the odds of a false result?

Valley Medical’s vTOX® DNA verification is extremely accurate. The probability of a random match occurring are at most 1 in 150,000,000,000.

How frequently must vTOX® DNA-verification testing be conducted?

While a cheek swab is only necessary on the initial visit, vTOX® DNA-verification testing is conducted for every urine sample we receive. This ensures patient validity and eliminates the need for more invasive sample verification methods, such as viewed collections.

How long does vTOX® genetic verification take?

vTOX® DNA-verification testing takes the same amount of time as our standard toxicology analysis. Results will be reported within 36 hours of samples being received in our laboratory.


Is vTOX® right for your treatment center?

Treatment centers across the state of Minnesota are turning to Valley Medical Laboratory and vTOX® for their urine drug testing needs. Our testing is fast, accurate, and easy to order, thanks to our unique Partner Portal that puts all orders and test results online. If you want to make toxicology testing easier and less stressful for your staff and clients, talk to us at Valley Medical. We'll take care of your testing needs so you can focus on your clients—with no more viewed urine collection!

Contact us today to learn how vTOX® can benefit your treatment center facility!