Our company, our people, and our mission

About Valley Medical and Wellness

Valley Medical Laboratory is a subsidiary of Valley Medical and Wellness. Founded in 2014, by Dr. Ashwin George and Dr. Svetlana Zaydman, Valley Medical and Wellness is a premier chronic pain medicine and addiction medicine practice with offices in Burnsville, Minneapolis, Woodbury, Rochester, and Bemidji, Minnesota.

At all five of our clinics we strive to improve the quality of life for those suffering from pain and/or addiction. We employ a comprehensive approach that focuses on overall wellness along with progressive and knowledgeable medical treatments. We work closely with our patients and we recognize that dealing with pain and/or addiction can impact every aspect of your lives, including your self-worth, physical health, jobs, relationships with friends and family, finances, and mental health.
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About Valley Medical Laboratory

Valley Medical Laboratory was founded in 2016 to support the patients and services of Valley Medical and Wellness. This operation has expanded in recent years to offer toxicology testing and other services to treatment centers across the state of Minnesota. Our CLIA-accredited lab is at the forefront of toxicology testing, offering tests for new substances as they are introduced into the general population.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Valley Medical Laboratory was one of the largest testing sites for the coronavirus, conducting thousands of tests each week. Valley Medical Laboratory was also one of the first labs in the state of Minnesota to offer testing for monkeypox.

Valley Medical Laboratory remains committed to assisting treatment centers across Minnesota with their toxicology testing needs. Look for Valley Medical to continue to introduce new tests and services to better serve the needs of its partners and their clients.

Our vision

At Valley Medical Laboratory, we seek to improve the quality of life for anyone seeking treatment for chronic pain and substance use disorders, to help them get back to loving life.

Our mission

We are dedicated to providing personalized, accessible, highest quality of care for all Minnesotans who struggle with chronic pain and substance use disorders, including the most underserved and marginalized in our society.