Urine Drug Testing for LGBTQIA+ Individuals


Why is traditional urine drug testing a concern for LGBTQIA+ individuals?

Urine drug testing typically requires viewed urine collection to minimize the risk of urine tampering. Having another individual view urine collection can be embarrassing and demeaning for LGBTQIA+ and gender-fluid individuals. Members of the LGBTQIA+ community desire more privacy and autonomy than traditional viewed urine collection allows.

What makes vTOX® urine drug testing LGBTQIA+ friendly?

Your LGBTQIA+ clients desire privacy. By eliminating viewed urine collection, Valley Medical's vTOX® urine drug testing protects the privacy of LGBTQIA+ individuals and is completely gender-neutral.

vTOX® uses DNA verification to eliminate the need for viewed urine collection. Clients submit a one-time cheek swab from which our lab extracts selective DNA information. During future drug tests, the client's urine is analyzed and compared to their stored DNA information. If the DNA matches, the sample is verified—no viewed collection necessary.

This DNA verification makes vTOX® the most LGBTQIA+ friendly form of urine drug testing available today. If your facility treats addiction in the LGTBQIA+ community, you should consider switching to vTOX® from Valley Medical to better serve the special needs of your clients.
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Contact us to learn more about how vTOX® supports the LGBTQIA+ community

To learn more about how vTOX® can benefit your LGBTQIA+ clients, click here or contact us by phone at 612-471-1141 or by email at info@valleymedlab.com. We’re looking forward to discussing how Valley Medical Laboratory can help you provide convenient and nonintrusive toxicology testing at your facility.