Dr. Ashwin George Named One of Minnesota’s Top Doctors

August 28, 2023by Michael Miller0

Minneapolis Monthly magazine has named Valley Medical and Wellness co-founder and CEO Dr. Ashwin George as one of their Top Doctors of 2023. Dr. George received this accolade in the Addiction Medicine category.

This is the second year in a row that Dr. George has received a Top Doctor honor from Minneapolis Monthly. The award is based on a poll of more than 10,000 licensed doctors in the 11-county metro area.

Dr. George commented on the Top Doctor award:

“I am honored to be recognized in this fashion by my peers. I promise to continue our work treating patients suffering from substance abuse and helping them get their lives back from addiction.” 

Dr. Ashwin George founded Valley Medical and Wellness in 2014. Today, Valley Medical operates five clinics across the state of Minnesota. Dr. George and the other providers at Valley Medical specialize in treating patients suffering from addiction and chronic pain.

The company also operates the Valley Medical Laboratory that provides toxicology testing services to a number of rehabilitation treatment centers. Valley Medical Laboratory offers its unique vTOX DNA-verified urine drug testing that eliminates the need for viewed urine collection.

Click here to learn more about Dr. George.

by Michael Miller

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