Valley Medical Receives Trademark Registration for vTOX® Urine Drug Testing

February 6, 2024by Jerald Mackey0

Valley Medical is proud to have received federal trademark registration for its vTOX® urine drug testing process. This official registration confirms our rights to the trademark and provides notice to third parties that the mark is federally registered.

vTOX® is Valley Medical’s unique DNA validation process for urine drug testing. vTOX® uses a one-time cheek swab to obtain a sample of the patient’s DNA. This sample is then compared to the DNA in future urine samples to confirm the validity of those samples.

Valley Medical’s vTOX® offers several benefits to both patients and treatment centers, including eliminating the need for viewed urine collection. This is useful for providers who offer trauma-informed care or telehealth addiction treatment. LGBTQIA+ patients can also benefit from the safety and security provided by vTOX®.

Valley Medical offers vTOX® urine drug testing to the clients of its treatment center and provider partners. Any facility or provider interested in the benefits of vTOX® should contact Valley Medical at 612-471-1141 or to learn more.

Jerald Mackey

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