Valley Medical Laboratory Launches New Website

April 20, 2023by Michael Miller0

Valley Medical and Wellness is proud to announce the launch of a new website focusing on the company’s reference laboratory and treatment center partners. The new website, located at, includes copious information about our services, laboratory, processes, and people.

Key sections in the website include:

  • SERVICES, including vTOX urine drug testing and optional telemedicine, phlebotomy, and STI testing services
  • LABORATORY, including information about our easy-to-use partner portal, reporting, test offerings, methodology, and accreditation
  • ABOUT US, with information about our leadership team, articles of interest to our partners, careers at Valley Medical, and frequently asked questions
  • CONTACT US via email, phone, or convenient website form

Treatment center partners can also access our secure partner portal directly from the website.

The new website was built internally using the NovaLab WordPress theme from BoldThemes. It supplements the existing Valley Medical and Wellness website, at, which focuses on patients and clinic services.

To learn more about our services or our new website, contact us at our new email address,

by Michael Miller

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