vTOX Toxicology Testing: Innovative New Use of Human ID DNA Fingerprinting

May 19, 2023by Jerald Mackey0

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a complex molecule found in the cells of all living organisms. A single DNA molecule contains all the information necessary to create and identify that organism. DNA is the essential building block for all forms of life on this planet; each organism’s DNA is unique to that organism.

An individual’s genetic identity can be tracked via DNA fingerprinting. This technique, also referred to as Human ID tracking, involves obtaining a DNA sample from an individual, identifying specific genetic markers within that DNA, and then comparing that information to another DNA sample. Experts use DNA fingerprinting in criminal investigations, paternity testing, genealogy research, and various legal disputes.

DNA fingerprinting isn’t limited to these applications, however, and new uses of the technology are constantly being developed. Valley Medical Laboratory is excited to reveal a new and unique use of DNA fingerprinting for toxicology testing, dubbed vTOX. With vTOX, urine samples received for tox testing are genetically matched to individuals’ initial DNA samples, enabling technicians to confirm the identity of the person providing a urine sample.

The vTOX process is relatively simple. A phlebotomist collects a DNA sample from the patient via a cheek swab. The swab is sent to the Valley Medical lab for analysis, where a lab tech extracts a DNA sample from the swab. The DNA is analyzed for specific genetic markers and used to create a genetic fingerprint, or profile, of the patient. This profile is stored in Valley Medical’s database. The DNA in future urine samples is matched to the stored genetic fingerprint, verifying the validity of the sample.

vTOX enables treatment centers and providers to eliminate viewed urine collection, which has historically been used to guard against urine sample tampering by patients. By matching DNA from a new sample to that stored for a patient in our database, the sample is verified without having to view the collection. Eliminating viewed urine collection reduces patient and collector embarrassment, speeds up the collection process, and is LGBTQ-friendly—all while minimizing urine sample tampering.

Treatment centers appreciate this innovative use of vTOX DNA fingerprinting technology and the benefits it brings to their operations. Patients appreciate the newfound privacy when submitting urine samples. And all involved benefit from more accurate validation and testing results.

Valley Medical Laboratory pioneered the use of vTOX DNA fingerprinting for toxicology testing and is the exclusive provider of vTOX for the toxicology testing industry. Our state-of-the-art, CLIA-certified reference laboratory conducts hundreds of vTOX-enabled toxicology tests every week, testing for more than 50 common drugs and metabolites. vTOX is an essential part of the tox testing services we offer to treatment centers and providers.

To learn more about vTOX DNA fingerprinting for toxicology testing, click here or contact Valley Medical Laboratory at info@valleymedlab.com. We’ll be glad to provide more details and show you how vTOX can benefit your organization.

Jerald Mackey

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